About Holistic

Holistic is a marketing and fundraising agency focused on the educational sector, though we have also worked for the broader charity sector.

Unlike traditional fundraising methods – which pester potential donors to provide one-off payments, and often leave negative associations – the Holistic approach assists institutions in the forming of positive and lasting relationships with their donors, in order to fund a multitude of prospective ventures. We believe that effective institutional advancement is based on a holistic articulation and communication of the brand, and a vision for the future prepared in full consultation with the wider community of stakeholders.

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In order to realise this future we assess the viability of campaign proposals by bringing potential donors directly into the decision making process. We recognise that donors are far more likely to engage with projects they themselves have forged, and so the projects that develop from this process are fully endorsed by the wider community. This foundation can be used to build relationships with donors based on trust, respect and attainment of mutual goals, and in the long term we hope this will make philanthropy inevitable.


The Holistic Vision

If an institution engages with the values and beliefs of the community, reflects this in a credible brand aspiration, articulates a motivational vision for the future, and demonstrates how community involvement will help it to be accomplished, then donors will give as much as they can, and we have succeeded in created philanthropists.

The Holistic Goal

To help build advancement structures that will provide transformational levels of funding for institutions over an extended period of time.