Development and Fundraising Services

The Fundraising Operation

Clients: For those who wish to establish a development function, or if there is one in place which would like assistance, to offer suggestions on achieving the next level.

Holistic has expertise in building new development operations and in rejuvenating those already in place.  We can advise on key process and the pitfalls to avoid, and assist in the motivation of staff already in place.  We can help to break down silo mentalities where these exist, particularly in regards to database requirements and utilisation.

Communication and Stewardship Strategies

Clients: Almost all development operations can benefit from a review of the donor communication and stewardship strategies, and those yet to be established will benefit the most from establishing these before fundraising begins.

Holistic can help institutions to understand how to communicate effectively with your wider community to maximize donations, and how to steward the donors so they continue to give into the future.

The Annual Appeal and Bequest Campaigns

Clients: Those who wish to build a broad based donor pool, either by cash or bequest, that will replace the ‘low hanging fruit’ harvested in the first stages of fundraising.

Holistic will assist in crafting letters, emails and text messages that motivate donors to give, and those who have given to give more. Holistic has assisted in the building of large ‘bequest gift’ societies at schools and universities. We know how to segment databases, to ensure that appeals are appropriate to the age and relationship of your communities to your institution.

Feasibility Study

Clients: Those who have established a list of fundraising priorities and need an independent organization to assess its relevance to and potential support in the wider community.

Holistic will meet and confidentially interview a pre-arranged group of high net worth individuals to ascertain their interest in and support for the fundraising priorities.

Case for Support

Clients: Those who have determined their fundraising objectives and had them tested by a feasibility study.

Holistic can craft an aspirational and motivational Case for Support that will become the fundraising road map for your development strategy or campaign.