Marketing Services

Pre-Engagement Consultation

Clients: Those who are new to the advancement process.

Holistic will visit your institution for a day, and will offer suggestions to empower you and your wider community. A two-page summation will be provided for an additional fee.

Marketing Assessment

Clients: Those who wish to have their marketing and supporting materials evaluated by independent assessment.

Holistic will evaluate your marketing materials, internet and social media and will offer suggestions to focus and enhance your brand

Marketing and Branding

Clients: Those who value independent recommendations on establishing the institutional brand and values.

Holistic will meet and interview a pre-arranged and representative group of individuals, and/or conduct focus group assessments, to determine and define the institutional brand and values.  If required, Holistic can offer rebranding services, ranging from visual identities to PR, advertising and media activities.

Marketing and Communication

Clients: Those who wish to establish, or reinvigorate, a coordinated communications strategy to engage with their wider communities

Holistic will establish the intended market and communications tools, with the aim to ensuring that your institution communicates in a refreshing and engaging way with its wider community by the various media relevant to them.