Other Services

Crisis Communications

Holistic can offer advice to institutions on test methods to ensure effective communication strategies are in place when crises occur. These range from communications to staff, and pupils, through to parents and alumni.

Holistic can assist and offer guidance to institutions requiring expertise in media management, whether in emergency situations or in regards to long term media relations.

Media Relations

Holistic can offer briefings and training to staff in preparation for external communications with the media and other interested parties.

Events Management

Holistic has enormous experience in the creation and management of a host of events and activities, ranging from reunions and charity auctions through to the formation of alumni and business clubs. Let us use our expertise to enhance or invent activities that will benefit your institution.

Engagement with Governors, Parent Associations, Alumni Associations and Staff

Holistic is aware of the presuppositions and negative views that parents and alumni can hold of the advancement process. We are experts in meeting and addressing these concerns.

Holistic is also aware that creating a long term culture of philanthropy takes time. Sometimes it helps to have an additional voice when governors or others have unrealistic expectations.



The Holistic team have recruited staff to many advancement posts over the years.  We have the job descriptions for these posts, we understand the salary scales appropriate for these roles, and critically we know the best channels to use to advertise for qualified applicants.